STEM Resources for Projects

This page is a tool page for students who are building a web 2.0 project & plan to Publish here on our wiki

Using tools together can make your Project more dynamic!

STEM Project Rubric

All STEM Project resources and guides are on EDMODO in the STEM folder
Or you can access google Docs Here

Final Exam Project expectations


Web 2.0 Tool Links

Prezi - A great alternative to Power Point
( use your school email address for more access!)
Glogster.EDU This is one choice for foundation of projects but
You must see me to be assigned a username and password.
Animoto - A great free tool to make slide shows
( Ask Mrs. H for the Education code!)
Jellycam - Free download to create Fast, easy stop action video!!
Do you have a STEM topic you cannot Demonstrate? JellyCam can!!
Example: pressure vs volume
Teacher Tube - Approved educational videos
XtraNormal - A site that can be used to make 3D movies with dialogue and animation.
GoAnimate - this is free animation better than extranormal;
See teachers for Free username and password set up through their registrations
Youtube - Free video hosting. This site is blocked at school, ( Mrs. H has a Special account for us to use - see her to log in!)

ToonDoo create cartoons to connect each piece of the STEM Gap, or as a neat way to begin or end the prublication.
Blabberize - Free speaking animation using any digital picture. Enhance this through the use of Audacity to change your voice!
Audacity - Free Download to Enhance Audio with multiple choices in application.
Green Screen: Go any time, any place in the universe with Adobe Elements Premiere Video Editing
See Mrs Hartwig for access and to schedule a time to film and produce. Example

ThingLink - Poster which will hold links out to videos or resources you want to feature.
Great way to end with links to Discovery Education
PhotoPeach create summaries / quizzes using pictures to pose questions or thoughts

iPad Apps that can support our publishing - Keep an open mind!

These Apps can support eachother!

See Mrs Hartwig for iPad access and support!

Show Me
PicCollage - any app that needs one picture, you can collage a group together for bigger impact.
Creative Book Builder
Green Screen for iPad
iStopAction Easy stop action through the ipad camera
WordFoto word clouds built on the iPad

Resource Links to get you started:

Discovery Education you must use Discovery as part of research and

feature at least one resource, remember to use appropriate citations!

Siemens STEM: See me for access. There are webinar archives and resources you may like!
Contests available - your project could qualify - take time to search the contests!

National Acadamies of the Sciences Free resources and data regarding many STEM topics!

Google Earth Free download - great for weather modeling or Earthquake projects

iPad Resources:

Math references for formulas: MathRef, MathTerms Glossary
Science References: Science VL
Represent your Data: GraphCalcHD; EasyChart

Science Tools: StarWalk, Seismometer,NoiseSniffer.

STEM APPs: Exploriments: see me to experience these pricy but interactive experiments.

Video camera hints:

1. video clips of smaller size are better - try to block your video into pieces so you have options when you video edit!
2. Take advantage of recycling youtube videos with a flip camera, adding your own voice- over, while playing video on a projector!
3. Xtranormal videos can be enhanced through the use of re-taping with a flip camera while projecting onto a white board,
allowing you to add visual support for explanations and equations!

How to upload your prezi too the wikispace: