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Take the time to talk with the science teachers in your building relative to learning target alignment between your subjects to ensure seamless transitions!!

Algebra 1 Learning Targets

Ratios and the Tragedy of the Commons

Distance = rate x time : Electromagnetic Waves

Using Ratio Rate & Proportion : Blood pumped through the heart used ipad Show Me app

Percent Increase or Decrease = Percent error

Ratio, Rate, substitution for Calculating elevator acceleration

Adding Fractions & Music

Two Step Equations & Substitution:

Calculating Final Velocity of a Falling Object

Calculating Velocity

Calculating Average Velocity

Velocity and acceleration in Hockey slap shots includes dimensional analysis video editing, Explain Everything, Animoto

Substitution and simplifying equations : Malaria/ Sickle Cell Anemia & Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium

Best Boyle's Law jellycam

Boyles Law - inverse variation

DENSITY, screenchomp ipad app, animoto, easychart ipad app,

Simplifying Multi Step Expressions with photosynthesis

Simple Pendulums simplifying and solving radical equations

Substitute,Simplify and solve using radicals to understand Pendulums II

Pythagorean Theorem:Resultant velocity relative to distance and time

Surface Area to Volume Ratio

Rational Expressions :Simplifying Exponents/ Rules of exponents:

Circulatory system how much blood is pumped through the heart relative to pulse

Converting currencies learn how to apply simplifying algebraic expressions while

experiencing currency exchanges from around the world

Scientific Notation & Dimensional analysis

Celestial bodies and their distances from the sun and earth

2011 Best:IPAD apps used to embed video explanations: Star Walk prezi pic collage & Show Me Apps

Scientific Notation 1 Scientific Notation 2

Centrifugal force and solving simple algebraic equations

Dimensional analysis & understanding atoms

Dimensional analysis by Nate Peterson

Dimensional analysis:cups to liters & Yds/second to MPH

Dimensional analysis burning calories while jogging

Dimensional analysis and understanding Fat Cells

Music Theory: Scientific notation & Reciprocals

Music: Frequency and wavelength ratio and proportion

Music Theory II: sine waves Determine mood learn how the fundamental wave compares to the 5th or the octave and the impact the wave has to the way the music sounds

Music and using one step equations & reciprocals for finding pitch

Simplifying algebraic expressions = Dimensional analysis

New Best of 2011Boyancy, Density and slope

BEST OF SHOW dimensional Analysis
Unit conversions
Basics of Dimensional analysis Converting ft/sec to Miles per hour compa

Converting Temperatures

Solving algebraic equations = Stoichiometry

Momentum and vectors of Pool balls By Mitch Ott, Show Me

Finding Slope of a line

Density= BEST OF SHOW Density as slope - takes into consideration using systems of lines to compare results
algebraically and graphically
Slope as a decimal to represent density

Density Best of Show calculate and compare graphs

Equation of a line for finding Velocity of a falling object

Finding the equation of a line representing density
Density as slope in a linear equation
EGGseptional density as a linear equation

2011 Surface area to volume ratio and its impact on diffusion: chemistry moles & Grams

Newton's second law : Discovery Education video editing and animoto

Quadratic Applications

Enzyme reactions and quadratic graphs

Comparing Projectile velocity : Dart guns, Rockets and Coke with mentos

Shooting eggs Quadratic equation and initial Velocity Explain Everything App, JayCut, JelllyCam, Discovery Streaming

Pumpkin chuckin'

Quadratic equations and trig to calculate distance of a home run

Archimedes Death Ray application of focus and directrix to the parabola

Final Velocity of a falling object

Exponents and Logarithms

Logarithmic / exponential / Logistic Growth And EarthQuakes Google earth & Flip Camera

Common Logarithms and Equilibrium of water. Understanding pH & pOH:ThingLink and ShowMe

The Natural Logarithm & e : Palientology and Carbon 14 Dating:

Adobe elements green screen, ShowMe, Animoto, Discovery Education Streaming, ThingLink,


Simple vs Compound Interest

**Kole's Glog**


Bacterial growth data analysis

Exponential and logarithmic growth - logistic growth Binary Fission