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About Our wiki:

Students created 21st century STEM projects, with the goal of helping close the STE....M Gap. They found calculations from science and engineering classes, and connected the algebraic foundations, creating a bridge between the mathematical theory/ algorithm and the scientific application.
The goal is for the wiki to become a tool that both science and math teachers can use to help close this gap and create a bridge between the subjects, while teaching students how to prepare for 21st century learning and living.

Science teachers can use these short presentations to help introduce scientific calculations and applications of math and algebra.
Math teachers can use these presentations at the end of a learning sequence to show the students how they will be applying these skills to analyze scientific behaviors and outcomes, beyond what the math text offers for the applications.

By using student made presentations, your students will be engaged and they will more clearly understand
the relationships between the science & engineering applications and the algebraic foundation,
improving their fluency between the academics.

We look forward to your comments regarding improvement / encouragement on the wiki.

Closing the STE...M Gap Video clips as summary of creative projects


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